May 01, 2009

Summer dreams?

Did you hear about the fact that mosquitoes can be tricked by a source of heat and carbon dioxide which mimics the signals that it uses to locate its victim?

When the first mosquito of the season came to disrupt my sleep, I was reminded of that and went out (on the Internet) looking for a trap which would attract mosquitoes more than my poor skin and restore my sleep to its main function: dreaming.

I found several companies selling such a product, actually two models which kept appearing on the various websites under different names.

I tracked the source of these products and - thanks to Google as always - found it to be a Chinese company by the name of V-Mart. If you want to order a 20-ft or 40-ft container of them, that's the place.

The product is something hi-tech producing CO2 with a UV lamp and a catalyst through a "photocatalytic reaction". Don't ask me too much, I don't want to know, I told you I just want to sleep and dream.

If you sleep in only one room at a time, then here are some of your options:

And, last but not least, if you are, like me, a fan of big retailers, then you will be glad to learn that Auchan sells the small model for just €19,90, under the brand name "Sib Domotix"!

Since that's less than half the price JR International wanted for it, I left all my principles aside and ordered from big, evil, retailer Auchan and... now you're going to ask me if it works.

Well that will be for another post because I need to fly to Paris to collect my brand new mosquito trap!

Mots-clés : moustiques, piège, photocatalytique, UV, CO2, dioxyde de carbone.

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