November 14, 2008

(Un)Fair Trade

Jean-Pierre Boris's excellent book "Unfair Trade: The Black Book of commodities" has been published in paperback... in French and is available in German.

I thought for a minute that it had been translated in English when I saw the title "(Un)Fair Trade" but it was actually the cover of the German edition.

For those reading French or German it's a fascinating book.

November 07, 2008

FoxNews on Obama

I have a lot to say about this election but for the moment just a funny line.

FoxNews' Marrecca Fiore writes:
It's been a stressful two years for Barack Obama. He’s campaigned nonstop, day-to-day, hour-to-hour, flying to different states and sleeping in different time zones. He's also had to fight off the typical character attacks and mudslinging that hit any candidate for office.
Knowing who relayed so much of the "character attacks and mudslinging", it is highly ironic to read this on FoxNews...

Read the whole article, it's good fun.