November 10, 2007


Edit: For the record and upon general request, I supply a translation: "Olmert, pull education out of the garbage!"

November 06, 2007

November 02, 2007

After the concert

Big smiles, aren't they?

Concert: Ehud Banai & Mashina

Ehud Banai and Mashina in a joint performance in Caesarea, last Thursday.

The performance starts with a song inspired by a Sabbath zemirah:

The amphitheater is packed:

Lighting and tones change, everyone runs in all directions...

And no one will let them go when they finish...

The World according to Americans

"The World according to Ronald Reagan", by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist David Horsey (click to zoom):


It dates from 1982+ because the Falklands War and the occupation of Beirut by Israel happened in 1982. This original which was plagiarized to give the following variation:


A less artistic but still funny one is "The World according to America" whose author claims he didn't know Horsey's cartoon (see the legend and the 2003 version):

(source (broken):

And more recently, people tried to picture how George W. Bush saw the World in "The World according to Dubya":