January 25, 2007

In the meantime...

I'll be on my way to Israel on March 4th (arriving on March 5th hopefully)!
In the meantime, trying to enjoy Paris.
Will have to tell you about the film "12:08pm East of Bucarest" and other events in Paris.
More soon.

January 21, 2007

Don Giovanni at the Bastille Opera

The singing and the orchestra were perfect, but why did Michael Haneke keep the singers in the dark? Why did he prevent us from seeing their faces by not lighting them? Why did he restrain the movements and acting of the singers? - Not that they never moved nor acted but it was as if they had been instructed about given moments when they were supposed to act in quite extravagant way, and the rest of the time were forbidden to move! -
I guess that was his way of making us concentrate on the music - which was indeed very good (almost perfect, I was told by specialists.)

Next is: Israel! (edited 02/21)

Upon further reflection, I really didn't like the way "navanad" sounded, and I want to be neither a fugitive nor a wanderer, I just want to go and visit the country and meet its inhabitants...

So the name of the blog will be back to http://what-s-next.blogspot.com, sorry for the dashes.

I should leave from France in early March.

More soon.


January 05, 2007

Good questions

"What's next" is obviously a good question... I won't answer it for the moment, as I enjoy my last days in Cambodia and prepare my next move ;-)

"Why this web address" is another good question... As I was looking for an address, I tried whatsnext which was not available. Then I thought, well nexttonothing or nexttonowhere would sound good. They where both taken. Thinking of nowhere, the expression "East of Eden" came to my mind.

Reading the explanation of Steinbeck's title in the Wikipedia, I gathered it was a reference to Genesis 4:16. As eastofeden and landofnod were also taken, I had to move up a few verses to find the famous נָע וָנָד תִּהְיֶה בָאָרֶץ, a fugitive and a wanderer shalt thou be in the earth, which gave me navanad!

Why I should be condemned to wander the earth, I don't know, but verbal associations cannot be helped!

Now you know all the story.