November 14, 2008

(Un)Fair Trade

Jean-Pierre Boris's excellent book "Unfair Trade: The Black Book of commodities" has been published in paperback... in French and is available in German.

I thought for a minute that it had been translated in English when I saw the title "(Un)Fair Trade" but it was actually the cover of the German edition.

For those reading French or German it's a fascinating book.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph, better link for the german version isäft-schlechten-Gewissen/dp/3442153921/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1226946255&sr=8-3

Yes, we try to keep the conscience calm if we bye fair trade products, but what is the alternative (think about organic food)? I think that the book exaggerates a bit (trying to catch attention).

Greeting etc.

Anonymous said...

PS: say hello to bad English and good bye to correctly spelled words like 'buy' ... *ahrrrrrrrrrrrrrg*.

Greetings from Pisa ;-)