May 01, 2009

Looking for a new bike

Where have I been? What have I been doing??? Well instead of writing intelligent things on my blog, instead of running and sleeping, I've been surfing the internet for my next motorbike.

I've been going through the models available in Israel and I can't make up my mind!

I currently own a 2008 Joyride 125. Jolly Jumper (that's its name, after Lucky Luke's faithful mount) serves me well for my day-to-day trips to work, my errands and a few excursions around Jerusalem. Jolly Jumper is a faithful horse (therefore its name, taken from Lucky Luke's faithful horse). I drove with it once to the Tel Aviv area but that was both pretty frightening and pretty tiring. So I don't need to drive a lot on the road, but when I give a ride to someone or when I face a steep uphill climb, I'd like to have some more power. And also, I'd appreciate more stability in the curves than what my Jolly Jumper offers me. And sometimes I'd like to be able to drive on a dirt road for the fun.

So should I find Jolly Jumper a replacement? Here's my Jolly Jumper, by the way:

I bought the Joyride but the truth is I don't like this style of scooters which they call here "menahalim" ("menahel" is Hebrew for an executive in a company: all Israelis want to travel like a boss travels...) I like the ones which look more urban or more sportive better.

So I thought I wanted a new Honda SH 125i which has larger wheels and better brakes than my current motorbike, is lighter and slightly more powerful. But only slightly so what's the point? Especially since, on the downside, I will lose the capacity to store a helmet and some accessories under the seat. And the price tag, 23,000 shekels, is 50 % higher than my current motorbike (or, for that matter with the SYM HD125 which competes directly against the SH).

So maybe I need the Honda SH 300? It is very powerful but it will cost me an awful lot: it costs here 37,000 shekels (75 % more than the SYM CityCom 300i which competes against it).

If I do switch to a model of this kind, then the SYM HD200 is actually an excellent compromise because it is not much more expensive than my Joyride (18,000 shekels, less than the SH 125i!) and still brings me what I wanted (more power and better road behaviour).

But it doesn't have the touch and quality of the Hondas: no coupled front/rear braking system, no fuel injection, no praised Honda transmission system, no bright colors... So I'm not so excited about that.

I'm also looking seriously into the Gilera Runner VXR 200 which is supposed to be an amazing scooter.

And that's without mentioning some stylish motorbikes which I'm also thinking to travel in style with:
  • Honda Innova 125, a modern Super Cub which will take me straight back to Cambodia
  • Yamaha YBR 250
  • Hyosung GT 250 Comet
  • Suzuki RV 125 Van Van
  • Vespa GTS 250
  • Hyosung GV250 Aquila
It's a real dilemma involving money, style and pragmatism. For the moment, for lack of a decision, I'm staying with old, faithful, Jolly Jumper...

Honda Innova 125
Yamaha YBR 250
Hyosung GT 250
Suzuki RV 125 Van Van
Vespa GTS 250
Hyosung GV 250 Aquila


Anonymous said...

What is about bicycles? *crouch* :-) Bernd (now in bicycle-capital Münster and back from car-country Mexico)

vlad said...

c'est pas du vélo ! traître !!!

Joseph said...

Bicycle is indeed important but sorry, I also need something with an engine, and a big one making a lot of noise if possible, because after all I'm a man and I need to show that I have balls!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I admit that you can lose your balls if you ride bicycle very intensely (best example: Lance Armstrong)! :-)

vlad said...

ok i concede it to you...
and bicycle is indeed almost imposible to use in jerusalem, with all its ups and downs...
even though a man like ME would use it there, hahaha

anyway, next time i come to visit, you're my driver...