March 14, 2009

The Spammer Was a Poet

From an anonymous author:

Any skyscraper can negotiate a prenuptial agreement with a self-actualized abstraction, but it takes a real rattlesnake to satiate a dolphin behind a particle accelerator. When the so-called cashier is vaporized, the earring from a tomato trades baseball cards with an umbrella. A snooty nation is childlike. A vacuum cleaner inside a corporation is temporal. A fruit cake from a bowling ball hardly negotiates a prenuptial agreement with the freight train near an industrial complex, because the carpet tack barely writes a love letter to a paper napkin.

I found this text amazingly poetic. It was probably generated in order to bypass spam detection algorithms but I love the rhythm, the eclecticism and the idea that a "carpet tack barely writes a love letter to a paper napkin..."

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