March 10, 2009

My Leica

I haven't been able to understand fully why yet, but having my Leica with me or having a digital camera change things completely.

The Leica is heavier, longer to take out of its bag, fixed focus lenses and uses film which costs time and money to develop.

The digital camera is versatile, fun to use and pictures cost nothing.

But overall, taking a few careful pictures with the Leica, expecting the results from the development and knowing that the negatives will still be exist unless they burn or get lost in 50 years, however degraded is just a irreplaceable experience.

I bought, about a year ago, a Canon G9. It was stolen. It was a great camera (already superseded by the G10). From that period, I have hundreds of pictures, very few prints and no negatives.

When it was stolen I thought: "That's great, it will force me to use again my Leica!" And I'm indeed so glad I'm using the Leica again...

Here are four pictures taken recently with the Leica:

My roof...

In ein Guedi

Ein Avdat


I should mention that the G9/G10 is an amazing tool in many cases. For scientific and technical purposes, it's just unimaginable what a $600 piece of equipment can do for you.

Also, I haven't tried it much, but I think it's quite productive to try pictures with the digital camera and take them "for real" with the film camera: maybe some will call this unorthodox but I think it makes sense.

The Soviets sent a dog in space, her name was Laica.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph, as a nerd I prefer of course digital cams! ;-) Best wishes from Oaxaca/México, Bernd.