December 14, 2007

Woaw, it's been ages!

So much happened since my last post... or so little, who knows?

The latest is that I finally got my driving license to drive motorbikes in Israel. Actually, I still have to go to my favorite place in Jerusalem, the licensing authority to get the license itself. I'm now considering which motorbike to buy. I wrote at one point about the model which reminded me so much of Cambodia, the Honda Innova (a.k.a. Wave). It turns out it is now available in Israel but everyone tells me I'm crazy because this model doesn't have any of the comfort of competing ones at the same price...

Many people requested the translation of the messages on the previous post. Here it is: "Olmert, pull education out of the garbage!" This refers to the strike of the middle and high school teachers fighting to have classes of a reasonable size and salaries worth their effort.

More soon, including pictures!


1 comment:

vlad said...

aaah enfin un nouveau post... ça me fait marrer de t'imaginer aller au boulot en scoot...
bon je serais toi, j'hésiterais pas, j'achèterai le modèle cambodgien ! car l'important, ce n'est pas le confort, ce n'est pas l'ergonomie, c'est... le STYLE !
shavua tov