December 20, 2007


Tell you a little bit about life in Jerusalem? Today in the evening the skies fell upon the city and water went running to the former valleys now occupied by roads: Emek Refaim (the valley of the ghosts), Emek Hamatsleva (the valley of the Cross), Sderot Begin (not so romantic: a large urban highway...)

Most of the time, though, the weather is really pleasant, even if you live in a house without heating like mine: to my horror, I use an electric radiator an hour or two a day...

A couple of months ago (I know I should write more frequently), a friend who is a professional photographer took me to Lifta (ליפתא) to explore this picturesque place: abandoned houses, a spring, views of the valley

The romantic in me liked it... Here I am pretending to take good pictures (no one will know if they were good, I "forgot" the film somewhere there...)

In front of my new house?

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