April 07, 2007

Sand storm

After the snow three weeks ago, we had a small sand storm today in Jerusalem...

Friday, I moved into an apartment that I've been lent in the area known as Katamon, not far from the "German Colony". Katamon is also known as Gonen (the Wikipedia article stresses that it was an Arab neighborhood until 1948 - which I didn't know until now; it lacks information on the present-day neighborhood which you can find in the Hebrew version...)

Presently it's Passover, everyone is on vacation. I was indeed offered a job just before the holiday but it's now a question of status and work permit to be allowed to work here. And I'm nervous because I can't do anything about it until Tuesday...

For those of you who are in Paris, Rithy Panh's latest documentary is on show at the Reflet Medicis. Le papier ne peut pas envelopper la braise, or in English Paper cannot wrap up Embers, is highly recommended.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph,

easter greetings from Germany. I still follow your blog and wish you the best for a new job! How long will you stay in Israel? Is this a temporary or permanent employment?


PS: the comment function is little confusing, sometimes blogger.com asks me a second time for a password.