March 20, 2007

Pictures of Jerusalem

Old City

On the way from Herod's Gate to the Lions' Gate to visit Saint Anne's Church

Saint Anne's Church, a beautiful 12th Century church built by the Crusaders. I heard Italian and Greek pilgrims sing, so I can bear witness that it's acoustics are indeed amazing.

Outside of the Old City

A parking lot by the Russian Compound near the New Gate, looking east:

A square nearby:

The Old City in the background, the highway linking with the North (Ramallah) in the foreground, near the Damascus Gate. You can see the Dome of the Rock on the left. On the following map, I'm at the edge of West Jerusalem district #131 (see the history of the Musrara neighbourhood) and accross the highway is East Jerusalem.

I did cross the street (to see what was on the other side, like the chicken). A quiet street called Ben Shadad Street:

The busier Salah ed-Din Street, with an unfinished building on the second picture:

That's all for now! You can also read the following text which mentions Morasha (formerly Musrara) and Sheikh Jarrah.

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