August 31, 2009

Do Snow Leopards Hibernate?

I really wonder whether snow leopards hibernate...

Apparently the answer is no. How did I get interested in this question suddenly?

The story goes like this. I'll upgrade soon my Mac to OS X v10.6 a.k.a. "Snow Leopard" and I'd like it to hibernate after it's been in sleep mode for a while, a functionality absent from v10.5 a.k.a. plain "Leopard". So I type "snow leopard hibernate" in Google...

What do I get? A revelation: Yahoo! Answers telling me that the beautiful and endangered snow leopards don't hibernate; they live in the snow all year round.

I do hope that Apple pays royalties to the Snow Leopard Protection Society. And I care less about my computer for a moment.

1 comment:

vlad said...

interesting ! je suis justement en train d'attendre que le leopard des neiges emigre a Buenos Aires... pourquoi n'a-t-il pas d'ailes ??!