January 31, 2009

Rush Limbaugh: a sense of humor?

It's so unbelievable that I assume it's a joke: browsing through Rush Limbaugh's site I found out that he advertises for "Club G'itmo" (read: Guantanamo) and sells T-shirts "Club Gitmo - When America Was Safe":

Orange for "club members" (an allusion to the orange jumpsuits of the prisoners)...

and their friends ("My Mullah Went to Club Gitmo and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt")...

But the worst is still to come: black T-Shirt for "Staff". If you want to identify with the "staff" at Guantanamo who used "aggressive interrogation methods", then you would wear this, with Rush Limbaugh's website address on the back:

And on the website precisely, advertisement for the club, its amenities and particularly its "spa" (see below). Very unfunny, ain't it?

I would have bought a T-shirt to have a proof of this some years down the road if I could bring myself to donating 20 bucks to this guy, but I could't, I really couldn't.

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