February 27, 2008

Thank you for polluting!

Those of you who have seen the movie Thank you for smoking (Wikipedia link) may remember a few good lines from the gifted spin doctor, Nick Naylor.

But Nick Naylor is an amateur. Read the newspaper to learn the art of spin from pros! In today's IHT article "Flooded village files suit, citing corporate link to climate change":

But Svec said, "Rather than unreasonably suing companies for the weather, we would encourage everyone to join Peabody in supporting aggressive development of carbon capture and storage projects and other technologies that help us provide both energy security and carbon solutions."

Of the accusation that Exxon Mobil participated in a disinformation campaign, Walton said, "The recycling of this type of discredited conspiracy theory only diverts attention from the real challenge at hand — how to provide the energy to improve living standards while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

I guess every company has the right to a good defense, like anyone, but they certainly show they pay well...

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vlad said...

incroyable, on est vraiment rentré dans l'ère du storytelling... des juges américains se réfèrent à Jack Bauer pour argumenter leur sentence, n'importe quoi !