August 15, 2007

More end to the endless frustrations?

One of my earlier posts asked: "The end of the frustrations?"

I know that in life, when you are lucky enough to have a full stomach, you feel satisfied. When I fold my clean laundry I feel satisfaction. When I get a haircut, I feel satisfaction. But all these are just a joke that nature (God?) plays on us: hunger comes back quickly, the laundry gets dirty and the hair grows back. So what's the value of our satisfaction?

Do you remember this quote from the Coen brothers' The Man Who Wasn't There:
Ed: Frank.
Frank: Huh?
Ed: This hair.
Frank: Yeah.
Ed: You ever wonder about it?
Frank: Whuddya mean?
Ed: I don't know... How it keeps on coming. It just keeps growing.
Frank: Yeah-lucky for us, huh, pal?
Ed: No, I mean it's growing, it's part of us. And we cut it off. And we throw it away.
Frank: Come on, Eddie, you're gonna scare the kid.
Ed: ...I'm gonna take his hair and throw it out in the dirt.
Frank: What the...
Ed: I'm gonna mix it with common house dirt.
Frank: What the hell are you talking about?
Ed: I don't know. Skip it.
Anyway, I think it's time for me to go to sleep or dawn will catch me before I finish writing nonsense.

And the piece of information is buried here: I received an Israeli ID! Am I proud? No, but happy. With this my integration in Israel goes one step further. Note that I'm not yet a citizen and I don't even know if I'll choose to become one.