July 25, 2007

Road number 9 opens...

Who cares?

I don't but all the commuters from Tel Aviv and other places in the "Merkaz" who come to work in Jerusalem do. Everyone knows that bigger roads are not a solution to congestion because it's only a matter of months or years before the new bigger roads are locked by traffic again at rush hours. But in Israel, we (?) are good at technology and infrastructures, we like building them, we think they are the solution to all problems (am I thinking of a famous Wall?)

Anyway, at "Sivuv Motsa", you can fork off the road and access through tunnels the Begin Highway (I like the highway as much as the person, though it saves about 30 minutes of my morning commute by cab) to the neighborhoods North of Jerusalem like Har Hotzvim, Ramot or Pisgat Zeev and continue East to places where you shouldn't go because they are occupied territories, like Maale Adumim. Or you can go South on that same highway but it's more of a deviation.

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