July 09, 2007


I was on the verge of important steps which I would have wrote about of course, had they materialized:

- I was supposed to get an apartment and it didn't happen
- I was supposed to get my Israeli ID yesterday and it didn't happen
- I was supposed to get the driving license for small motorbikes and it didn't happen

The apartment is the sore point because I was just silly and didn't focus on the search seriously enough. I'm not set up yet and it's absurd, after four months in Israel and after settling in work for over two months...

The other two disappointments stemmed from my beloved administration: the Ministry of Interior went on strike yesterday, the day of my appointment, planned six weeks ahead; and the Licensing Authority refused to let me take the motorbike test before I take fifteen lessons, although they had promised to...

That's life, health and work are good, so I say in French "Il n'y a pas mort d'homme."

Keep walking.

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