June 16, 2007

The Surrealists... and an apartment!

The Museum of Israel has an exhibition on Dada, Surrealism and Beyond. Magritte's painting Le château des Pyrénées, Man Ray's nudes and portraits (Kiki's hands), Buñuel and Dalí's Un chien andalou... An amazing universe of fantasy and dream to dive into on a Saturday afternoon.

I feel better of course since I found an apartment on Friday! I actually chose only the second one I visited, but I think it's a nice place, with a lot of light, quiet, trees, a nice breeze and a view... Now the next step is to buy furniture because for now there is not even a bed! Wait and see the artist decorate the walls ;-)

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Gilbert said...

Hello Joseph
How r you ? hope every thing is fine with you. It's me gilbert from INA. take care and keep intouch. joseph@gik.fr