April 24, 2007

Student strike

"I just wanted to study" says the young prostitute on the poster.
"Dad, I need money. - Yah, what do you want? 10, 20... 30? - Yes, 30... 30,000 Shekels to pay for my studies."

On my last day of vacation, last week, I was strolling Ben Yehuda street. The students were demonstrating (against the rise of the tuition fees). To convey the idea that the fees are beyond reach, they were playing music and performing, asking people not to drop coins, because "what are 10 shekels when the fees reach 30,000 shekels?"

A choir trains singing Bach, among them a blind woman. A haredi passes by begging for some change. What does the press photographer do? He rushes to take 20 snaps of this scene. In his (little) head flashes a vision: the caption "Students demonstrating in Jerusalem" under his (great) picture, full of "constrasts", on the front page of a newspaper - and his bank account credited.

A group of 4 recorder players plays baroque music.

Classical danse exercises.

A russian violinist plays Bach - he is not a student and he does appreciate the change one drops in his instrument's case.

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