April 24, 2007

Queen Elizabeth II sets the example

According to Agence France Press, Queen Elizabeth II will offset the carbon dioxide emissions of her visit to the United States:

[... C]arbon emissions [of Queen Elizabeth II's] flights to, from and within the United States will be offset for the first time. Exact figures were still being worked out, [a] spokeswoman said.

Carbon offsetting involves individuals or organisations compensating for the amount of carbon dioxide generated through travel and energy use through for example financial donations to environmentally-friendly projects such as tree-planting.

The move comes after the queen's son and heir, Prince Charles, announced in December last year that he was to reduce the impact of overseas royal visits on the environment by "greening" his transport and the way his office is run.

That included replacing carbon-heavy private planes and helicopters with scheduled flights and trains "where appropriate."

I hope Her Majesty sets an example that everyone will follow.

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