February 05, 2007

Update on activites in Paris

Reading "Lily la tigresse" by Alona Kimhi (same title in Hebrew, i.e. לילי לה טיגרֶס, transliterated from the French, for a reason I hope to learn soon). The author has a lot of imagination, have yet to decide whether she's not too imaginative...

Saw, in addition to "12:08 East of Bucarest" which I already mentioned and which I recommend, "Bobby" (OK but nothing outstanding) and the Israeli movie קרוב לבית ("Close to Home" or, in French, "Une jeunesse comme aucune autre"). It is the first film of both directors, Dalia Hager and Vidi Bilu, and it is quite obvious. There are good ideas in the scenario and in the filming but the dialogues and the acting are rarely convincing. The two main characters, Smadar (Smadar Sayar) and Mirit (Naama Schendar), gain some depth when we understand with time bits of their psychology, but we are frustrated most of the time by seeing the behaviour of the characters without any inkling of their motivations: Do the officers believe in the importance of their job, contrary to Smadar? Do they believe being unforgiving with the soldiers is necessary or do they do it out of habit and because they were trained that way? Do they fear confronting the soldiers on the rationale of their work? Why isn't Smadar motivated by the idea of protecting her fellow citizens from bombs? All these questions remain unanswered.

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