February 22, 2007

Culture is good but Linux is better!

I'm now an active member of the linux community, here's my first and only post so far!
Now I need to try to upgrade to the latest kernel, install FUSE and NTFS-3G, all in the hope that I will be able to access my NTFS external hard-drive read/write on this Linux computer...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph,

try Ubuntu, it is the best Linux distribution ever (at the moment ;-) ... I installed it on my laptop and now it is the only OS there. If you would like to save resources, try Xubuntu, if you prefer KDE over Gnome, try Kubuntu. Ubuntu is based on Debian and has taken over their genious packet management system. Particularly the default settings are very intuitively to handle.

'nough said and greetings